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In times of economic instability such as these, businesses are drying  up by the dozen. This is a contributing factor in today's unprecedented unemployment rate and as such, is creating a negative atmosphere of fear and panic whereby businesses and individuals alike will do anything to protect their bottom line.

Delaney & Associates believes that the road to economic sustainability is paved with cooperation and sacrifice.

While our competition is turtling up for rough times ahead, we're reaching out to small businesses and start up ventures by lowering our fees. We're offering to step outside of our set services and rates in order to work within our client's means; granted, our elected officials are trying to reverse our current economic crisis, but they're not going to pull it off with legislation alone.  

The benefits of offering to provide services to our country's fledgling business community at reduced prices are three-fold, we aim to stimulate your business, our business and the economy at the same time.

Contact us, sit down with us, tell us what services you require in order to grow your business. We will work within your budget to the best of our ability.

Service Updates

MAKING PROGRESS: 11/2/2011 @ 5:05pm EST. Cable and therefore Internet service has been restored in our Cheshire office; however, our backup generator has been running steady for more than four days and is starting to produce a less than consistent voltage. We do not want to jeopardize our servers so for the time being, telephone communications via our PBX server is still offline.
INCOMMUNICADO : 11/1/2011 @ 7:18pm EST. Delaney & Associates has fallen victim to the enormous Connecticut power outage of Sat. 10/29/2011. Both of our server locations are still without power telephone and internet service. We hope to be back online soon.