System Administration

Delaney & Associates small business System Administration Service is an option for companies who find it economically unfeasable to employ an in-house SysAdmin.

In order to run a successful business in today's market your network needs to be up-to-date and functioning at its optimal level. What's the point in inplimenting technology to streamline your business and maximize profits if you have to spend a sizable chunk of revenue on an in-house system administrator?

Services we offer:
  • Consultation, Network Design
  • Setup/Configure New Equipment, ie. Servers, IP Phone System, CCTV
  • Migration from Windows to Linux/Unix
  • Data Backup/Migration
  • Staff Training
  • Telecommuting, ie. VPN Server/Client Setup
  • Vrtualization, Consolidation
  • Network Security Auditing, Consultation and Implimentation